Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Can't Sleep? These techniques may help 
Most of us need between six and eight hours of sleep per night.  Occasionally sleeping five or four hours per night is not a 
big deal.  Perhaps it is all your body needs at the time.  
To fall asleep faster, rise the same time each morning including weekends.  
Avoid bright light before retiring.  Have a candle lit bath and/or read a book with a small lamp.  No stressful activities before 
bedtime such as paying bills or exciting games.  
Put lavender or jasmine near your pillow when you sleep.  These two fragrances are said to stimulate the olfactory sensors 
above your nose and induce a state of relaxation.  
Exercise is essential in assuring a good night sleep provide it is done any time before three hours of retiring.  You need ample 
time for your body temperature to cool down which will also induce a speedy and restful sleep.  
Have a light snack containing tryptophan such as turkey, milk, cheese, or peanut butter.  
Avoid alcohol at night.  
Change sleeping position.  
Avoid spicy foods as well as chocolate and coffee.  
Avoid heavy meals 3 hours before bedtime.  
Avoid lying down after eating.  

Failing the above - take one Gravol.  It not only makes you sleepy, it quiets the mind (but see your doctor or pharmacist as it may interfere with medication or allergies).  The only side effect is grogginess in the morning.
The essence of stress is over reaction. We tend to make things up in our mind and worry about them as if we have a psychic mind - we tend to catastrophize. So instead -
Keep a happy Journal. Write down what made you happy today. Applaud your life
Lighten up...take the seriousness out of things


Have a day of psychodrama with your mate. You are king for a day, she can be queen for a day. You are only limited by your imagination!

Is it anxiety? Or Memory X

Do you have anxiety? Panic Attacks, Phobias? OCD? Is it real? Or is it Memory-x?
Lets be clear. We are born with two fears. Fear of falling and fear of loud noises. The rest are all learned. Everything we experience can be compared to past experiences. You see the moment you experience and event in your life, pleasant or unpleasant the brain will search your memory for something to compare it to. The experience from the past may be totally unrelated to the present but the brain will magnify the experience from the past and create a false sense of panic or ecstacy. 
Science has discovered that the fears a parent experiences can be passed down to their children. The results of experiments with mice suggest that fallout from a person's traumatic experiences may extend through generations.
 Epigenetic marks (DNA methylation,) can be acquired on the DNA of one generation and stably passed on through the  (sperm and eggs) to the next generation. In other words, experiences and environmental exposures can change the way your DNA works (without changing the DNA itself) and this could be passed on to your offspring.
In short Your experiencing someone else’s anxiety! Its not yours to suffer with!

Other causes of anxiety and other stress related disorders include medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, high cholesterol and pulmonary vascular contractions where the heart gives you and extra beat but it gives the illusion that the heart stops and starts again. Allergic reactions to certain foods and caffeine can cause similar effects.

So if you experience anxiety or other stress related disorders consider what I have said then chill out listen to some music get some exercise have some fun. If you still have these symptoms see your doctor or other health care professional.

This advice is not intended to replace the care of a physician or other health care professional. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Email

My new email is avarga09@cogeco.ca 
Do not use any other email on this site.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Service

As you know, Stress management Seminars is part of  LifeNet Crisis Counselling Services Inc. A free online crisis counselling service designed to assist employees and their spouses with counselling for anxiety/panic, OCD, and other stress related problems.

We are now offering free sessions on Skype.  Simply email me at albertvarga@hotmail.com and describe the emotional issues you are struggling with and what you hope to accomplish. We will then arrange a time to meet on Skype for a one hour session. All you need is email. You may even make one under a different name if you prefer total anonymity.

Many people choose Skype sessions because they are not comfortable with face to face sessions, they prefer anonymity, have limited mobility, and find it convenient not to travel to appointments when their next business apt is right in their office..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

     One of the secrets to minimizing stress is to live in the present. The past has passed and the future hasn't happened. When you dwell on the past and the future, you miss out on the wonderful experience of the present. Don't waste your time thinking wasteful thoughts about your past experience and what may occur in the future. When these thoughts occur ask yourself. How am I feeling right now? Is the experience of the past or the experience of the future ( which I have made up ) actually existing in the present moment?
Of course not!
     If you want to experience the past, only experience the pleasant ones. In fact, you can reclaim the endorphins you received from the past. One technique is to form a circle with your index finger and thumb the next time you are receiving endorphins from let us say a beauty treatment or other spa experience. It works because the brain compares the action of the finger and thumb with the endorphins received from your experience. Also simply watching someone get a massage, makeover, or other beauty treatment will cause the brain to compare it with the time you received a similar treatment and you will once again experience those same endorphins.

Albert Jonathan Varga is a stress management consultant in Burlington, Ontario Canada. He conducts lunch and learn seminars, and individual/group sessions.

Mr. Varga has conducted stress management seminars for many prestigious companies including Folkgarten International, Health Sense, RBC Investments, and  Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

He specializes in anxiety/panic attacks, OCD and other stress related issues.

Mr. Varga brings to the table his experience and knowledge after recovering from post traumatic stress disorder in 1994.

Comedy shows are done on request. They are one hour in length with a stress management theme. Audience members have been seen to be cured of their phobias and general addictions ( alcohol and drugs excluded ) live on stage in two minutes or less.

To book a session or show email avarga09@cogeco.ca