Wednesday, May 22, 2013

     One of the secrets to minimizing stress is to live in the present. The past has passed and the future hasn't happened. When you dwell on the past and the future, you miss out on the wonderful experience of the present. Don't waste your time thinking wasteful thoughts about your past experience and what may occur in the future. When these thoughts occur ask yourself. How am I feeling right now? Is the experience of the past or the experience of the future ( which I have made up ) actually existing in the present moment?
Of course not!
     If you want to experience the past, only experience the pleasant ones. In fact, you can reclaim the endorphins you received from the past. One technique is to form a circle with your index finger and thumb the next time you are receiving endorphins from let us say a beauty treatment or other spa experience. It works because the brain compares the action of the finger and thumb with the endorphins received from your experience. Also simply watching someone get a massage, makeover, or other beauty treatment will cause the brain to compare it with the time you received a similar treatment and you will once again experience those same endorphins.

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